The world's first secure, cross-platform standards compliant web browser framework designed specifically for Digital Signage and Self-Service solutions.

Turn any Windows, Linux, Mac or Embedded computer into a secure Self-Service kiosk or a Digital Signage player

Build highly interactive, multi-touch, secure and innovatice Self-Service, Digital Signage and M2M applications.


A web browser like no other

It is not Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or even IE. It is a custom, secure, standards complaint browser built specifically for Self-Service and Digital Sigange applications.

Cross Platform

The framework is cross-platform and can run on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, Embedded) all flavors of Linux, Linux Embedded and Mac OS X.


This is no security through obscurity. Everything is secured end-to-end. Communications, Content, Configurations, Passwords are encrypted to the highest standards. Keep your keys safe.

Desktop Lockdown

Prevent users from accessing the OS, Desktop and unathorized content. Disable critical keyboard key or key combinations and mouse events.

Context sensitive on-screen keyboard

The slide-up or pop-up on-screen keyboard is input and context sensitive, multi-lingual, resolution agnostic and fully customizable.

HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript

Bring the power of HTML 5, CCS 3 and JavaScript to your Self-Service and Digital Signage applications. Standard plug-ins like Flash, Silverlight and Acrobat PDF are supported.

Encrypted Database Engine

The framework comes integrated with an encryted, small footprint, high performance database. Build high performance data aware applications and keep your data secure.

Language Independent

Work in any language or localization. Additional language and localization packs can be created with minimal effort.

Peripherals Integration

Connect to Card Readers, Scanners, Security Mats, Cash Acceptors, Bill Dispensers, Pin Pads or any other USB or Serial devices.

Active X Support

Built-in support for Microsoft's Windows specific ActiveX technology.

Capture Analytics

Capture Session, User, Action, and Event analytics in real time to gain rich insights.

Clean JS API

Access all the functions and features of the framework with a very clean JavaScript API. The API makes it possible for you to create your own applications built on top of our framework.

Support when you need it.

Get support via email, phone or live chat during weekdays from 9am to 5pm (Eastern Time) with critical incident support available 24/7. Self-support is also available through extensive documentation and an online knowledge base at YantraNet.com.