A scalable, secure and flexible implementation, the YantraPlatform is capable of managing tens of thousands of connected devices. The platform is OS, database independent, cloud compatible and comes with YantraLink, a lightweight (less than 3 MB), cross-platform, self-contained, firewall friendly agent and YantraAdmin a rich cross-browser web based console to control, monitor and manage applications, content and events on connected devices. The platform also incorporates a powerful rules engine that triggers alerts and notifications when business critical events occur on the connected devices.

Built to Scale

Built from the ground up using state of the art technology to manage tens of thousands of connected devices. Self-Service Kiosks, ATM's, Digital Signages, Medical Devices, Trucks or even Toasters, if its connected it can be managed.

End-to-end Security

This is no security through obscurity. Everything is secured end-to-end. Content, Communications, Configurations, Passwords are encrypted to the highest standards. Keep your keys safe.


The platform is cross-platform and can run on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, Embedded) all flavors of Linux, Linux Embedded and Mac OS X.

Database Independent

The platform is completely database agnostic and supports multiple databases like MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle.

Language Independent

Work in any language or localization. Additional language and localization packs can be created with minimal effort.

Cloud compatible

The platform is 100% cloud compatible with clould vendors like Amazon AWS and Rackspace.

Rich Web Console

YantraAdmin, a rich cross-browser web console with an innovative user interface, makes device management a snap. Control, Monitor and Manage your devices from anywhere.

Secure Content Management

Securely sync, schedule and deploy applications, content, data, updates, patches or scripts to tens of thousands of devices.

Powerful Rules Engine

A powerful and flexible Rules Engine that processes device data and triggers alerts and notifications. Rule expressions and thresholds can be created using a intuitive and easy use Scripting Engine and can be run either on the Server or on the device.


Fully customizable reports and dashboards will provide a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics.

Secure Restful API

Use our secure REST API to access our platform's functionality and data. The API makes it possible to create third-party applications built on top of our platform.

Support when you need it

Get support via email, phone or live chat during weekdays from 9am to 5pm (Eastern Time) with critical incident support available 24/7. Self-support is also available through extensive documentation and an online knowledge base at YantraNet.com