Manage Connected Devices

Securely Connect, Control, Monitor, Manage, Access, Analyze your remote, un-attended connected devices. Build or Develop connected devices and products or offer remote support. Self-Service kiosks, ATM's, Digital Signs, Medical Devices, Sensors, trucks and even toasters. If it is connected, it can be managed.


Build Rich Connected Apps

Build cross-platform, highly interactive, multi-touch, secure and locked-down self-service, digital signage and desktop applications using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Let your web applications securely access databases, file storage, native system resources and connect to peripherals like card readers, scanners, pin pads and printers.


Professional Services

We offer a full range of professional services for a complete end-to-end solution. Engage our expert team of experienced professionals to define, design, develop and deploy your custom self-service, digital signage, M2M or other connected solutions. We also offer Project Management services and Training on our platform and framework.

YantraNet offers YantraPlatform, a highly scalable, secure and flexible enterprise and cloud based remote device management platform to control, monitor and manage connected devices and YantraFramework, the world's first cross-platform web browser framework designed specifically to build highly interactive Self-Service and Digital Signage applications using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

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Built from the ground-up to remotely control, monitor and manage tens of thousands of connected devices.


End-to-end Security

Content, Communincations, Configurations and all critical data are encrypted to the highest industry standards


32 and 64 bit

Runs on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, Embedded) all flavors of Linux, Linux Embedded and Mac OS X. Let us know if you need more.


Reporting & Analytics

Collect data from your devices, applications and users and get real time access to actionable analytics and rich insights.